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Writing and design research samples

Building better solutions for our complex food systems

Stor was my capstone project for my MBA in Design Strategy — a business concept from research to minimal viable product. Our team was interested in exploring ways to help people make healthier food decisions in their daily life. After primary and secondary research surrounding user habits and food systems in the Bay Area we found an opportunity to connect urban customers who want to buy affordable, quality produce, but do not have easy access. 

Stor was not created to disrupt the food system, but to build and strengthen the different players. At its most basic, Stor is a refrigerated storage system where customers can have their groceries delivered and know that they're safe. But we designed Stor through the lens of empathy, and made deliberate choices for the business to do good. Stor is designed to cut down on packaging waste, and its relatively low energy costs are designed to be offset with renewable power. Units can be placed outside of bodegas and convenience stores so customers can pick up orders or items after hours, and owners can earn additional income for participating. Stor is designed to partner with local food organizations and CSAs to help improve accessibility to produce and cut down on food waste. Stor can also be used with nonprofit organizations and food banks, allowing people to pick up food outside of traditional business hours, and with certainty and dignity.

My role on the project was Content Lead. I helped develop and execute the design research, wrote and designed the business plan and Stor website. I also helped with the branding, prototype building and promotion.

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Simplifying content concepts for readers

As a Content Specialist and Writer for Q Digital Studio, I did social media, SEO, and content strategy for clients, as well as writing/editing for our in-house web design blog (the now defunct, Meta Q). Not only did I write weekly tech and content pieces for our readers, I also worked with our developers and designers to help them craft and edit their articles and grow as writers.

Here are a few of my favorite tech pieces:

Short essays and longer-form stories

I spend a lot of time writing. And most of that time, I'm writing with or for someone else. It's not always easy to carve out the space to write for myself, and it can be even more challenging to turn my notes and musings into something sharable or publishable. But when I do get the chance, I like to publish over at Medium.

These are some of my favorites over at Medium:

Content strategy for consumer facing communications

Much of my content strategy work is "invisible," because I collaborate on it. It can be hard to definitively pin down who wrote what exactly, when it's a team effort of brainstorming, writing, and editing. I'm proud to be part of awesome teams, and for me it's not all about the credit, but the creation

That said, it can be a bit tricky to show my contributions in collaborative teams, which is why I like to share content strategy process and share some examples of project success.

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