Lindsay McComb



I'm all about a good story.

I'm at my best when I get the opportunity to absorb information, synthesize, and share it with others through combinatorial creativity. I'm all about continuous learning and open curiosity. Whether it’s through content strategy or visual design, I'm a storyteller, first and foremost. I don't just want to tell my story, I also want to help others tell theirs. 

Getting a degree in journalism pushed me to look for what's most important first. I learned how to package up the facts to produce compelling stories quickly and deftly and how think in inverted pyramid. It’s how I like to write, present, and design. 

Moving onto the agency side of things, I’ve taken a similar approach to my work in branding, UX, copywriting and content development. Working with a variety of clients with diverse audiences and styles has shown me that I can adapt my voice and my design work to each project with ease.

While in the Design Strategy MBA program at California College of the Arts, I learned to take my strategic thinking and sharpen it even further. I learned how design thinking and human-centered design can inform not only business projects, but also content and visual design — combining the best of quantitative and qualitative information. I also learned that how you say something is just as important as how you see something.

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